Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Dear Yashua,

It feels good speaking to you here.  I feel relieved in a sense filling this white space telling you of my thoughts, worries, fears, praises, and regrets.  I felt disconnected from you this weekend.  I think it was because I wasn’t spending as much time learning about you and your plans for this world.  I’m worried for my soul, I know it is impossible for me to be without sin no matter how hard I strive.  I worry that when the day of the catching up comes, I will not be in that number.  I lust a lot, I’m not as kind and patient as a Christian should be sometimes, I haven’t brought anyone to you, nor do I serve the poor.  I’m not sure this is the kind of person that will meet you in the sky.  To me this sounds like the kind of person that will be left, ashamed, and must prove their faith in the face of a hateful adversary.

I have asked you to present me with opportunities to bring a soul to you or to serve the less fortunate.  Am I being lazy in waiting for you to present me with those opportunities?  Is attending the Seventh Day Adventist church an opportunity that I’m passing up? Is that what you want for me?

I see a lot of brothers and sisters talk about how the rapture is coming soon.  I’m skeptical that it will be within the next year based on the clues you left in your word.  I ask that you open my eyes to see more of your signs.  Let me be a watchman, give me a voice so that I may warn others effectively.  I want to serve you.  Please strengthen my walk so that I may be worthy to avoid those things leading up to your return.

Please look after Dr. Leoutsakas, he is a good man.  I’m not sure if he knows you, though I think he does.  He has done a lot for me and I pray you have riches in Heaven waiting for him.  Please look after my family and Camile and her family. Thank you Lord God.


Good and Faithful Servant


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