Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Dear Yashua,

I realize it has been much too long since I last spoke to you here.  I am distressed.  I take pride in going a day without sinning or with minimal unintentional sin.  It is hard for me to distinguish between being like you and being sinless.  I know being sinless will not grant my entry to Heaven.  Only faith, trust and reliance on You will do that.

That scripture about how on the day of judgement many will call to you, “Lord, Lord.”  And you will tell them you never knew them.  I desperately don’t want to be one of those people.  To try and straighten out and live my life the way You want, only to find out it wasn’t good enough, would destroy me.

Please Lord, help me to wake people up.  I have never gone on a missionary trip, nor testified to anyone but nearly everyday I try to show people what is going on in this world through Facebook and Twitter.  I feel most do not listen, nor do they care.  I know most of my posts are not of a religious nature per se but I’m trying to be a watchman.  I really am. Could you give me the know-how and strength to post things of religious significance?  I suppose Lord, that I fear offending friends and acquaintances.  Who will listen to me if they feel I have insulted them?  I do not want to be a Christian that beats people over the head with the Bible.  Please help.  I pray that I am worthy enough to escape those things coming with your return.


Good and Faithful Servant


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