Dear Yahshua, …

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Dear Yahshua,


Forgive me Father.  I’ve been doing terrible lately.  Relieve me from these thoughts. I fear I’ll give in soon…



Good and Faithful Servant


2 comments on “Dear Yahshua, …

  1. gods servant says:

    hi, its nice that you and i can remain anonymous.

    thank yo so much for being such a great soul. there are a lot of people out there doing there best.

    i said to the Jehovah witnesses yesterday that same thing. they left happy they weren’t judged and they didn’t judge me.

    we cant lean on our own understanding.

    we are covered by grace. so we can do our best. but ultimatly there is nothing that can take away the fact that we are saved.

    gods with us on the dunny. basically were sinning just by being human.

    people that practice homosexuality or other religons, or even simple swearing. its all human issues. its covered by jesus’s love.

    because of christ gods sees us how he sees his son.

    dont stress about your wrongs either. the holy ghost is a bit like a sat nav or gps. if you go off track gods will will recallibrate.

    all through the bible the men and women of god didnt do gods will perfectly.

    i feel the big picture is our eternal life. and then what we do on this planet is cool to just be obediant.

    your awesome.

    listen to the spirit and just rest in our loving god.

    grace covers a multitude of sin.

    worships cool becuase you tap into a power scource to manifest your destiny of love.

    gods will is cool because the promise here is if we do keep the commandments, we dont get the obvious side effects of those things in our lives. thats why we are then blessed.

    i pray youll do your best and be blessed and come into gods full favour and blessing.

    in jesus name. amen. seperate from me by gods spirit.

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