Dear Yahshua,It…

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Dear Yahshua,

Its been a while since I’ve written to you. I know I talk to you here and there throughout my day.  As my schedule has gotten more hectic, learning about you has somehow fallen to the wayside.  Previously in the semester it was convenient to get into the scriptures while I was at work.  When this was no longer possible I very well could’ve and should’ve made time for you outside of my work and school schedule.  As a result I find myself slipping deeper into sin.  Tali put it right when he said one sin leads to another.  I get drunk and then I want to smoke weed, I smoke weed and then I want to look at porn, and somewhere along the line I’ve begun to curse.  I need your help to get me back in order.  I know restraint on my part is a piece of it but you and I both know I’ll fail and then what?  I know I can’t fake you out.  If lust/fornication and intoxication were not sins I’d be the best Christian in the world. I don’t struggle with lying, stealing, or violence but I am weak for sensory sins.  Sins that make me feel different or better in some way.  I don’t want to stop smoking weed because I know it damages my lungs, nor because it would disappoint my girlfriend and my family if they discovered it, nor alienate me from my friends, nor because it can get me in legal trouble if caught but because I know it separates me from you.  At least I feel like it does.  I’m probably not going to quit smoking weed today.  Nor tomorrow either.  I just want to be honest.  I really need your help Lord.


Good and Faithful Servant


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